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These days, we make phone calls over the internet. Any other way is an inferior way. It must be said.

VoIP or Voice over IP means making calls over the internet. All you need then is, indeed, stable internet.

But even that is a simple done deal in the hotel industry. You need the stable internet anyway, then in the meantime you can also take extra advantage of it as a function of your telephony.

Besides, you get so much more out of this service. Don't limit yourself to the classic telephone exchange mindset, but think big! You can't think of anything as fast or crazy or it is arranged. But more on that later. 


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Expensive PBXs are a thing of the past. IP telephony is incredibly scalable and flexible. Adding or removing a user? Other wishes? We will have it sorted for you in no time.

We can also offer the maintenance and security of VoIP telephony with Ubicum - as a telecom provider for businesses. The monthly subscription costs and call charges are much lower. Just think of the foreign calls you make ... you will experience virtually no additional costs as a result of telephoning over the internet.

Interested? Then be sure to inquire about what Ubicum can do for your business. We handle the transfer for you. So you don't have to worry about that at all.

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Extensive custom programming

Ubicum thinks with you to make your PBX as user & guest friendly as possible. You can also set up an incredible number of automations, linked to, for example, your calendar or other relevant apps.

You can set untold hypothetical if-then situations based on set hours, call or queue times, wake-up calls, external calls ... Your housekeepers can communicate the status via each room's phone by simply pressing a button, allowing the reception staff to know where to check in guests already re-entered. As you read, the possibilities are endless.

Access control doorbell

Would you like to manage access to your accommodation - or parts of it - with your telephony at certain times? If so, this is of course possible.

Couple that with a videophone and your employees' safety is guaranteed anyway.

a camera mounted to the side of a wall

More solutions

More solutions

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Camera surveillance​

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